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Who We Are

We consider it part of our Reliability and Integrity Mandate to give you as much information as possible, right up front. Our previous 19 years of customer service have taught us that customers want to know the “whole” picture right from the beginning, so they can make informed decisions. We believe this smoothes the process for all of us.

Here is an outline of what you can expect from us during your building project:

First: Let us help you discover what you want to have happen.

Call us for a free consultation and estimate. We will review your ideas with you, and advise you on the most efficient, cost effective, energy-conscious way to make it happen. Our counsel in this regard will be specific to comply with the Universal Building Code as stated in county, state and federal law.

Get it in writing. We will help you assess what needs to be done, and then return an estimate that accounts for as many details as possible, including what we consider to be reliable time and cost estimates.

Get it done right. Our experience and craftsmanship are the best indicators of a successful project. We have a reputation for excellence. Please read “What Our Customers Say” about our work. We will be happy to give you references upon request.

On time and on budget. We take our time and budget estimates very seriously. Although it is almost inevitable that complications arise for any project, we do our best to minimize them. We will inform you, up front, and immediately if we encounter any such concerns. We will consult with you every step of the way, as needed.

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